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We believe in the power of technology to transform your organization

We believe in the power of technology to transform your organization

We are Ten Twenty One

We help you redesign your business using a proven IT modernization framework, leveraging more than 5 years of experience working with large customers. Our innovative consulting practices, and deep cloud engineering expertise will bring you a new perspective to uncover an increase in your business value.

What We Do

We have unique competences and experience in IT (r)evolution projects, with a clear methodology for people, processes, and technology challenges in large companies and organizations. Balancing strategic vision with a “get the job done” attitude, we’re able to support an end-to-end transformation journey using a structured but fast-tracked roadmap, a risk controlled but disruptive approach, assuring operation of the legacy while bringing the future into the present.


Readiness Assessment

Evaluate the maturity levels, and gaps, regarding competences and capabilities, architecture and application landscape, governance and practices, investments and business ambition, setting a clear baseline for your IT modernization journey

Modernization Roadmap

Evaluate, prioritise and support the transformation and modernisation case(s), assuring a comprehensive roadmap balancing people, processes and technology challenges and opportunities

Cloud Foundations

Set the groundwork and address the key components for your Cloud Journey. Establish the right design for long-term success, and assure intrinsic security, scalability, cost optimization and governance deploying the right cloud fabric 

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Comprehensive industry benchmark & target Cloud CoE design, assessing current cloud capabilities, and mapping key capacitation levers (DevOps, automation, tools, modern engineering, etc). 

Architecture & App (R)Evolution

App architecture modernization using reference engineering principles, providing complete app development acceleration, transformation and refactoring services leveraging Hybrid cloud architecture and DevOps principles  

Managed Services

Assure end-to-end operation of the cloud, hybrid and multicloud environments, with 24×7 monitoring, problem identification, pattern discovery & continuous cost optimization. Provide full visibility on the primary performance KPIs and service level compliance.

Our Partnerships

Our strong strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, along with a broad adjacent partner ecosystem including HPE and SAP, supports our vision, and execution capabilities, on hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architectures. Our highly skilled certified teams, gives us the recognition and the “been there, done that” experience that supports a pragmatic and innovative approach to IT modernization challenges.
  • Premier Google Partner

    Google Cloud

    As a Premier Partner, we help you assess and realize your digital transformation journey, assuring end-to-end  services related with operation, optimization and management

  • Microsoft

    As a Gold Partner, we have experience in designing, implementing and operating Azure and Microsoft 365 integrated architectures and solutions 

  • Amazon Web Services

    As an Advanced Partner, we are able to design, implement and operate hybrid cloud architectures based on AWS technology, also integrating the required connectivity and security layers 

  • HPE

    As a Gold Service Provider and Silver Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider Partner we’re able to design, deploy and operate hybrid cloud architectures, assuring interoperability, and a risk free cloud migration program

  • SAP

    Our teams have relevant experience in SAP infrastructure modernization and operation, leveraging SAP Hana technology for more than 5 years

Success Stories

We have more than 5 years experience supporting large organizations in their IT modernization journeys and assuring business continuity

  • Energy > SAP Modernization (HANA on AWS)

    As part of a global digital transformation program, our customer acquired new generation SAP products (based on S/4 HANA) and, having adopted a Cloud-first strategy, was searching for the best IaaS public cloud architecture to support the motion.

    We’ve engaged our specialized technical team for consulting, definition and implementation of the target architecture, including data and application migration, also providing managed services to support the new architecture 
  • Food Industry > API Management with Azure

    Our customer had on-premises integration systems with outdated software versions, with relevant challenges connecting with new services.

    The goal was to have a centralized API control approach that was secure, scalable, and easy to manage, and APIM on Azure was selected.

    We’ve provided expert consulting services for assessment and recommendation, and specialized professional services for architecture design, migration and implementation of the target architecture.
  • Tourism > AWS Performance and Cost Optimization

    An innovative digital entertainment and nightlife tourism platform was experiencing technical constraints impacting service availability, and also increasing infrastructure costs, risking business sustainability.

    We’ve helped our customer assessing and reviewing their architecture, improving performance, resiliency, and global service levels, while reducing TCO without requiring application transformation.
  • Banking and Finance > Machine Learning (ML) Ops in GCP

    A major Portuguese bank was aiming to start its journey in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence areas using Google Cloud.

    To better support the main business units in their decision processes, it was necessary to create and train a local center of excellence core team to address the challenges of AI/ML.

    We’ve helped our customer on the usage of the Google Cloud big data and analytics capabilities, developing Machine Learning algorithms to perform propensity models and obtain business-relevant insights from the data.
  • Digital Navigation > Improving time-to-market on AWS

    Our customer, a pioneering Portuguese company providing innovative navigation systems, had the ambition of becoming more agile and be able to reduce time-to-market of its map solution, while improving the daily update and broadcast of its routes and maps.

    We’ve diagnosed the existing architecture and challenges, redesigning it using an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach, assuring intrinsic security and performance, and providing operation and managed services.
  • Telco > Cloud Foundations and Center of Excellence (CCoE)

    A major Portuguese Telco intended to start its IT modernization program focusing on Public (Multi) Cloud architectures, adopting recognized best practices regarding competences, governance, and technology architecture.

    We’ve designed and deployed the initial cloud foundations, based on a IaC approach, enforcing intrinsic security, performance and audit capabilities. We’ve also created, and managed the new Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team, to increase internal knowledge, accelerate cloud adoption across the company, and to assure the right governance model do balance business and technology requirements and time-to-market.

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